Solutions for Traceable Measurement of Lighting and Lit Environments

Measurement instruments for luminance, illuminance and colour to ensure quality of light in the built environment

Ensure quality of lighting in lit environments

Measurement for lighting

LED lighting and other modern light technologies play a expanded role in the built environment. Development and widespread adoption of LEDs over the past decade have opened new configurations, improved quality, greatly enhanced decorative versatility and lower power consumption. Konica Minolta Sensing offer new measurement technologies to allow the industry to ensure the consistency and quality of the lit environment.

It is important for professionals involved in the installation, maintenance and inspection of lighting to characterise:
  • Lux or fcd values, to ensure an even light distribution and that lighting is sufficient for vision and any tasks that may be performed in the environment.
  • Colour temperature and chromaticity, to ensure that white light is consistent and delivers the desired atmosphere and that the visual effect of any decorative lighting delivers the desired experience.

Environments can be measured before and after installation, retrofitting or maintenance. Accurate and traceable instrumentation can document that lighting meets national standards, best practice or legal requirements. Konica Minolta Sensing can supply an instrument that is both easy to use, can be maintained and calibrated annually to provide traceable data.
  • Measurement of lux/fcd
  • Measurement of Luminance for characterising reflections from surfaces or of the visual colour of lit surfaces.
  • Measurement of colour temperature ensuring that white bulbs are consistent with others 
  • Measurement of chromaticity to ensure that decorative lighting is consistent and performs as desired
  • Measurement of spectral power distribution to validate colour rendering, scotopic and photopic lumens in outdoor or road lighting
Konica Minolta Sensing supply a range of systems to meet these measurement requirements, from simple illuminance meters for traceable measurement of lux, luminance meters for luminance & colour and  spectroradiometers for characterisation of luminance and spectral power distribution

The renowned optical technology of Konica Minolta measurement instruments is supported by a global network of experienced sales and support in order to maintain ongoing traceability and accuracy of your measurement solution over its lifetime.


  • Design and install lighting with certainty and control
  • Report to clients with traceable data for record keeping 
  • Perform on-going maintenance and validate that installations meet national standards, industry norms or best practice recommendations.
  • Support improvements to environments with research and traceable data.



T-10A Illuminance Meter

Traceable spot iIluminance meter with large range and versatile detachable measuring head that can be used to improve routine working and remove the impact of operator shadows or reflections in measurements.

LS-150 Luminance Meter

Traceable spot luminance meter that can be used to measure reflected light from surfaces. Easy to operate with in-view data display.

CL-200A Chroma Meter

Traceable illuminance and chromaticity meter, provides lx/fcd and colour temperature data and can be operated remotely for convenience and accuracy.

CL-70f CRI Meter

Easy to use portable touch screen illuminance meter that mesures lx/fcd, CCT and CRI providing an economical solution for modern lighting installation and design applicatoins. Conforms with DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C.

CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer

The most accurate portable illuminance meter from Konica Minolta, providing traceable data for illuminance and spectral power distribution. Measures scotopic and photopic illuminance for accuracy even in low light conditions.



Upgrading Lighting in Public Spaces for User Experience and Safety

One of the world's major metropolitan transport systems utilise the CL-500A in the measurement and modernisation of lighting within their spaces. The enhanced data available allows the team to make detailed reporting of before and after conditions, research the impact on visitors and improve the quality of experience of millions of journeys each year.

The considered approach to improvement alongside the move away from traditional light sources offers new options for efficiency and quality with a big impact on service users.

Lighting for Sports Venues

Lighting quality for sport is of high importance, even lighting across and above the surface at sufficient lux levels improves the visibility for players and spectators alike. Lighting for broadcast adds another set of considerations for installers.

Off the pitch where venues have trafficed public areas, lighting design also plays a role in improving the experience of visitors and the feeling of safety within and around the venue.

Lighting Design for Retail Experience

As retail competes with the convenience of online shopping a greater focus has developed on the experience in retail environments. With greater control over decorative and functional lighting, designers are able to zone areas with different functions, invoke coziness and ensure that product colours are rendered most faithfully.

A simple illuminance meter like the CL-70f offers designers a far expanded toolkit for developing and evidencing the impact of lighting to their clients.

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