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Accurate and Traceable Solutions for the Testing, Inspection and Production of Lighting and Luminaires

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Solutions for the Characterisation of Modern Lighting Technology Including LEDs and Traditional Sources in All Forms

Modern lighting technologies play a expanded role in our environment, with LED lighting and other new technologies allowing for new configurations, reduced energy consumption, improved quality and greatly enhanced decorative flexibility. This expanded choice and versatility requires updated measurement equipment and control of parameters in order to create consistent and quality lighting products.

Measurement systems are available so that manufacturers can characterise:
  • Lux or fcd values: an accurate and traceable measurement system allows producers and development teams to balance power consumption, efficiency, and lifespan of LEDs.
  • Colour temperature and chromaticity: to ensure harmony and consistency in white lighting and ensure the visual effect of any decorative lighting is consistent and delivers the desired experience.
  • Luminous Flux, Intensity and intensity distribution: to validate performance or suitability to particular applications.
  • Blue light hazard: measurement to characterise photobiological safety.
LEDs and luminaires can be measured throughout development, production and assembly, Konica Minolta Sensing and Konica Minolta group companies can supply an instrument that is both easy to use and can be maintained and calibrated to provide traceable data.
  • Measurement of lux/fcd
  • Measurement of Luminance for characterising reflections from surfaces or of the visual colour of lit surfaces.
  • Measurement of colour temperature ensuring that white bulbs are consistent with others 
  • Measurement of chromaticity to ensure that decorative lighting is consistent and has the desired hue
  • Measurement of spectral power distribution to validate colour rendering, scotopic and photopic lumens in outdoor or road lighting
Konica Minolta Sensing supply a range of systems to meet these measurement requirements, from simple illuminance meters for traceable measurement of lux, luminance meters for luminance & colour and  spectroradiometers for characterisation of luminance and spectral power distribution. Further systems for QC of LED arrays, LED strips, MICRO LEDs or assemblies and development labs are available from group companies Instrument Systems GmbH and Radiant Vision Systems.

The renowned optical technology of Konica Minolta measurement instruments is supported by a global network of experienced sales and support in order to maintain ongoing traceability and accuracy of your measurement solution over its lifetime.


  • Reduce costs and save time communicating with supply partners by eliminating subjectivity in specification and QC with accurate and traceable data
  • Speed up validation testing of assembled luminaires with fast and automated identification of out of specification LEDs
  • Accurately benchmark LEDs at goods-in, competitor products or NPD with consistent and traceable data



T-10A Illuminance Meter

Portable illuminance meter for traceable measurement of lx/fcd from 0.01 to 299,000 lx in conformance to DIN 5032 Part 7 Class B. Features a versatile sensor that can be removed from the instrument for remote measurement.

CL-200A Illuminance Chroma Meter

Portable illuminance colour meter for measurement of lx/fcd, colour temperature and chromaticity coordinates. Measures from 0.1 to 99,990 lx with a versatile sensor that can be removed from the instrument body. Conforms to Class AA of JIS C 1609-1.

CL-500A Spectral Illuminance Meter

Illuminance Spectroradiometer for measurement of illuminance, CRI, chromaticity, and colour temperature and spectral power distribution. Accurate and traceable, ideal for measurement of LEDs and lit environments. Measures both scotopic and photopic illuminance.

Measurement Solutions from Instrument Systems GmbH

Konica Minolta group company Instrument Systems GmbH supply systems for development and production measurement of LED chips, LED modules, Micro LEDs and much more.

Measurement Solutions from Radiant Vision Systems

An imaging photometer or colorimiter from Radiant Vision Systems can be used for inspection of LED arrays or modules for quick and effective inspection at the individual LED or MicroLED level.



Selecting a Measurement System for LED sources or Luminaires

Konica Minolta group company Radiant Vision Systems offer a whitepaper on the selection of systems for measuring LEDs for either development or QC applications. The whitepaper covers LED brightness and colour, how imaging colorimetry applies to LEDs and the use of near and far field measurements.

Visit the Radiant Vision Systems Website

Understanding luminous and radiant intensity, and uniformity characterisation

Read an excerpt from the handbook of LED and SSL Metrology that explains the fundamentals of luminous and radiant intensity measurement. The Instrument Systems website also contains links to purchase the handbook and additional whitepapers for a range of light measurement challenges.

Visit the Instrument Systems Website

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