Accurate Measurement of Lit Switches and Symbols

For Production and Maintenance of Lit Switches and Symbols

Accurate Measurement and Configuration of Lit Switches and Symbols

Luminance Meters and Imaging Colorimeters for Luminance and Colour of Switches and Symbols

Smaller scale electronics has enabled the integration of light as a decorative highlight and safety feature in an ever expanding range of applications both industrial and domestic for example:
  • Lit switches that indicate function
  • User interface and feedback indicators
  • Illuminated keyboards
  • Warning lights
  • Inlaid ​decorative elements
Konica Minolta and group company Radiant Vision Systems produce a range of solutions for measuring lit switches and symbols in both development and production environments. Solutions will ensure control of brightness, uniformity and colour allowing producers to benchmark, specify and produce with accurate and traceable data.
Traceable measurement solutions can greatly expedite the process of development, production, and QC testing. Our expert teams can help to implement a system that allows all parties, from component manufacturer through to final QC, to work in a more streamlined and consistent way.
  • Simple, traceable luminance meters allow simple solutions including for ongoing maintenance to accurately measure spot luminance and colour.
  • Imaging colorimeters that can characterise entire panels with multiple lit elements and symbols either in automated QC inspection systems or for development teams.

Experience shows that a data driven approach allows supply chains to build relationships based on quality and consistency, reducing subjectivity, and simplifying specification and approval.
  • Offering customers a global network of sales, support and expertise, Konica Minolta deliver tested and trusted solutions. Our network of authorised service facilities provide ongoing maintenance and calibration of devices to minimise downtime and ensure that systems remain traceable throughout their working life.
  • A measurement solution from the Konica Minolta Group can ensure that you deliver a system with the right quality for the right price by helping development teams to easily and accurately characterise products from suppliers or competitors and by providing QC systems that can keep pace with production.
  • Reduce production time, costs and rejects helping the production team set acceptance criteria based on accurate and traceable measurement data.


  • Accelerate development and control costs with the ProMetric® Y imaging photometers and ProMetric® I imaging colorimeters, high-resolution CCD cameras with specialised software, designed as fully integrated solutions for improving R&D, quality control, and production operations.
  • Evaluate individual LED performance and identify failures  in a single measurement



LS-150/ LS-160 Luminance Meter

Lightweight, compact, and battery powered luminance meter for basic traceable measurement of a wide range of applications with improved V(λ) correlation. Use of close up lenses allows measurement of areas as small as 0.4mm dia.

CS-150/CS-160 Luminance Colour Meter

Portable tristimulus colorimeter for light sources and irradiated objects, commonly used to measure display lights and signal lights, and to make non-contact surface colour measurements. 

CS-3000 Spectroradiometer

Highly accurate and traceable luminance and chromaticity measurement of various optical devices, as well as light sources such as LEDs and lamps. Successor to the CS-2000 and CS-2000A.

Radiant ProMetric® I-Series

Accurate luminance and colour measurements for production, development or QC environments using dedicated software for simultaneous automated high speed evaluation of entire panels of lit symbols or controls.

Radiant ProMetric® Y-Series

High performance imaging photometer for luminance measurement of lighting assemblies in production or QC applications. Available in a range of resolutions to deliver optimum cost, accuracy, and throughput. 



Measurement of Illuminated Keyboards

Whether lit for decorative effect or in order to aid safe and effective working in low light environments, illuminated keyboards are increasingly common.

Measurement systems can be used for high speed inspection of the entire product, identifying any issues that would effect the quality of the product including mis-stamped characters, non uniformity, dim or bright zones.

A Radiant Vision Systems imaging colorimeter or imaging photometer can be employed in development or production enviroments, ensuring product quality. 

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