Light Measurement Solutions

Measurement solutions for light and lighting from development and manufacture to installation and ongoing maintenance


Light Measurement Solutions for Development, Production, QC and Installation

Konica Minolta, along with group companies Radiant Vision Systems and Instrument Systems GmbH offer cutting edge light measurement solutions for R&D, Quality Control on the production line, installation and ongoing maintenance of installations.

New technology introduced a huge host of new possibilities to the lighting industry, in terms of miniturisation, integration, efficiency and decorative potential. The importance of accurate measurement  has increased in parallel as producers and installers seek to control variability within supply of LED chips, efficiency, lifetime and wear.

Our solutions are adopted across the industry supporting test and validation of:
  • Light sources
  • Luminaires
  • LEDs and solid state lighting
  • Integrated LEDs and Symbols
  • Signal Lighitng
  • Emergency Lighting

Scalable solutions are available to help organisations and their wider value chain to benchmark, specify, produce,and inspect all manner of light technology including the accurate characterisation of technologies such as LED and Micro LED.

Our expertise and measurement technologies enable our customers to improve perceived quality, optimise processes, improve consistency, boost customer satisfaction, reduce waste, and more.

Our experienced teams can help to implement measurement and control solutions for light and lighting products throughout the development and production process.
  • Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
Each steps can be supported by a global Sales and Support network.

The wide range of display characteristics to be measured include:
  • lx/fcd
  • Colour Temperature
  • CRI
  • Chromaticity coordinates
  • Scotopic and Photopic illuminance
  • Uniformity
  • Light Distribution
Requirements, benchmarks, and in some cases standards, may be different according to the application. Our experienced team can help you to select the correct solution and support you through the installation and lifecycle of the instrument.

Konica Minolta has a global reach, with local sales and expertise to assist you in establishing a successful measurement system. Whether between supply chain partners, in development, in production or in QC, our teams can deliver a solution that meets your needs, and partner with you to scale that system as those requirements grow. Our solutions are supported by a dedicated team experienced in installation, training, and customization of the solution.

Konica Minolta measuring instruments are supported by an extensive global network of authorised service facilities to ensure that your instrument is maintained, accurate, and traceable all year round.


  • Reduce production time, costs, and waste: Improve specification and inspection whilst also improving defect detection with measurement systems that can keep up with manufacturing processes.
  • Push the boundaries of new technologies: Development teams can benefit from cutting edge measuring instruments with the highest standards in accuracy with wide luminance/illuminance ranges, accurate at even low light levels.
  • Increase perceived value: Specify & control components and processes, target improvements and consistency with supply partners elevating consumer perception of quality and value.
  • Versatile measuring solutions, a variety of traceable measurement systems to suit all budgets, appications and configurations.

Example Applications

  • Accurate, traceable and automated measurement solutions for production inspection, from LEDs, LED arrays, Micro LEDs.
  • Perform comprehensive pre and post installation measurement of lit environments to generate detailed reporting either to meet industry requirements, national standards or to fulfill client brief.
  • Ensure compliance of signal lighting with accurate, traceable, easy to use measuring instruments.  

Select a category below to learn more about solutions for light measurement in specific applications

Manufacture of Light and Luminaires

Measurement systems for the development and production of light, from LED chips through to finished systems.

Light Installation and Maintenance

Portable, easy to use and traceable systems for in-situ and in-field measurement of lighting within the built environment.

Signal Lighting

Measurement systems for the manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance of signal lighting for road, air, industrial and more.

Lit Switches & Symbols

Spot measurement and imaging measurement systems to assess the light, colour and quality of lighitng integrated into switches, controls, illuminated keyboards and more.