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Caractéristiques & Téléchargements

Caractéristiques & Téléchargements
Product Name AeroDR HD 1012 AeroDR HD 1417 AeroDR HD 1717
Detection method Indirect Conversion Indirect Conversion Indirect Conversion
Scintillator CsI (Cesium Iodide)    
Pixel size 100μm*    
Inside Access Point Yes (Aero Link)    
Inside Memory Up to 100 images (Aero Storage)    
Weight 1,5 kg 2,6 kg 3,2 kg
Battery Type Lithium Ion Capacitors    
External dimensions (WxDxH) 282 x 333 x 15 mm 384 x 460 x 15 mm 460 × 460 × 15mm
Charging time 20 min or less 30 min or less 30 min or less
Image area size 245,6 x 296,8 mm 348,8 x 425,6 mm 424,8 x 424,8 mm
Auto Exposure Detection (AED) Available (AeroSync)    
• Point load
• Surface load
• Water resistance
• Drop resistance

180 kg @ ø 40 mm
400 kg @ effective image area overall
IPX6 including power cell
Housing material Carbon Monocoque Design    
Communication Dedicated wired Ethernet connection / Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11a/n (1) compliant)    
Cycle time
• 100 microns
Ca. 5s (wired)
Ca. 5s (wireless)
Ca. 6s (wired)
Ca.7s (wireless)
Ca. 6s (wired)
Ca.7s (wireless)
Battery Performance
(Exposure linkage with X-ray unit)
Up to 145 exposures and 3,9 hours(100)
Up to 165 exposures and 4,5 hours(200)
Up to 251 exposures and 6,9 hours(100)
Up to 309 exposures and 8,6 hours(200)
Up to 217 exposures and 6,0 hours(100)
Up to 276 exposures and 7,6 hours(200)
Usable grid frequency 60lp/cm, 40lp/cm, 34lp/cm    
A/D conversion 16 bit (65.536 gradients)    
Encryption Wireless encryption method: AES / Authentication method: WPA2-PSK    

* Default pixel size is 100μm, but can be set to 200μm to save storage space

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